Vida de john lennon (resumen)

Vida de john lennon (resumen) gy gallPark no•R6pR 17, 2011 2 pagos Biography ofJohn Lel_nnon Essay John Lennon was born in Liverpool, UK in 9th October 1940; he had 2 sons, Julian Lennon and Sean Lennon and 2 wives Cynthia Powell (1962-1968) and Yoko ono (1969-1980) who caused the separation of the band. He played guitar and singed in The Beatles and hlS muslc changed the pop and rock tendencies of the XX century all around the world. He made songs like «Let it be», «Twist and shout» and «Imagine»

The first band he created was The Quarrymen, renamed after his school Quarry Bank High. In that band he met the people of his best band. In 1957 Paul McCartney joined in, followed by George Harrison a year later. He went to the Art College of Liverpool, and there he met Stuart Sutcliffe who played the bass in the band. With a new drummer to next page (Pete Best) and a ora on Hamburg. After S liff a brain hemorrhages, local became their manag In 1963 he and his ne secured a residency r later he died by med Brian Lepstein n named Julian.

The Beatles now with Ringo Starr in the drums was strength to strength with a string of Nal hits. Conquering all Europe and United Estates they traveled there the following year becoming the best band. In the 1960′ s he and his band traveled to the United Estates and became the best band of the world and the most popular. With the producer George Martin, they expanded the parameters of the music, achieving new level of the album «Rubber Soul» and Revolver».

The reason for the separation of the band was the troubles with Yoko Ono. John Lennon was one of the most loved people in the world and he created the best and the most popular band in the world, his band won 7 Grammy prizes and in his ban played big music stars. After the separation of the band, John Lennon made his own career. he Band changed the music ofXX’s. John Lennon died by a shot of a fan after he said The Beatles are more popular then Jesus.