The lost world

The lost world gyGriheIz ‘/OR6pR 17, 2011 22 pagos Chapter one. Gladys Hungerton. I often listened to Mr Hungerton. He talked to me about economics. It was very boring, but I was in love with his daughter Gladys. One evening, I listened to him for a long time. Finally, he left. now had a chance to speak to Gladys. She was a proud woman and she treated me as a friend. She looked at me and said, You’re going to propose marriage. ‘How do you know? I replied ‘A woman always knows. But Edward, don’t love you. I love somebody else,’ she continued. ‘Who? ‘ cried. ‘Nobody really. ove the idea of someone. want to lave a hero, omebody like the gr ñon and Lord or32 Swp to page Stanley! A man who S»ipe to marry want to mar hen 1’11 do somethin ‘When you do, come said. I left her and went to work. th great hero! W hen marriage then,’ she I was a journalist and had to work that evening. When arrived at the offices of the newspaper the Daily Gazette, I went to see my boss, the news editor, Mr McArdle. ‘You’re doing a very good jab,’ he Said when he saw me. ‘Thankyou very much, sir,’ I replied. ‘l want to ask you a favour. ‘ ‘What is it? Could you possibly send me on a mission for the paper? Then I could write some good articles for you. ‘ What kind of mission, Mr Malone? ‘ ‘Well, anything with adventure and danger. ‘ ‘Do you really want to die so Young? ‘ ‘No, I want to do something heroic with my life,’ I said. ‘Well, the age of exploration and romance is over. No, wait, I have an idea. What about exposing a fraud? You could show that he’s a liar. Do you like that idea? ‘Yes, anything is good,’ I replied. ‘Well,’ continued Mr McArdle, ‘l’m sure that you can talk to this mana You’re good at making friends with people. ‘Thankyou, sir,’ I said. ‘So, try to talk to Professor Challenger. ‘ ‘Challenger! ‘ cried, ‘Professor Challenger, the famous zoologist! The man who attacked Blundell, the journalist of the Telegraph? ‘ ‘Well,’ said Mr McArdle, ‘you said that you wanted adventure. ‘ ‘Yes, I do,’ answered, ‘but What exactly has Professor Challenger done? ‘He went to South America on an expedition two years ago,’ he answered excitedly. ‘He came back last year. He certainly went to South America, but he doesn’t want to say where exactly. He started to tell ev eryone about his adventures.

However, when people ask him questions he never replies. Something wonderful happened, or the man is a very good liar. H e has some photographs in bad condition, but scientists say that they are akes. When journalists try to talk to him, he just throws them down the stairs. Well, Mr Malone, this is your mission. Goodbye. ‘ My meeting was over. Now had to make a 2 2 stairs. Well, Mr Malone, this is your mission. Goodbye. ‘ My meeting was over. Now had to make a plan to meet Professor Challenger. I knew that he hated journalists. decided to write him a letter saying was interested in science.

This is the letter that I vvrote. Dear Professor Challenger, I am only a student of nature and science, but I am very interested in your ideas on the debate between the scientists August Weismann and Charles Darwin. I would very much like to discuss some of your ideas. believe you are the real expert on this matter. I have many questions to ask you about this fascinating subject. please could I visit you at eleven o’clock tomorrow morning? Yours respectfully, Edward D. Malone. CHAPTER TWO. Professor Challenger. Later I received a letter from Professor Challenger. Dear Sir, I received your letter.

You can come to my house. However, am a great scientist and do not need your good opinion of me. Show this letter to my servant when you arrive. I do not want any of those horrible journalists in my house. Yours faithfully, George Edward Challenger. The next day I went to his house. A servant opened the door. Professor Challenger expecting you? he asked. ‘Yes , he is,’ I answered. ‘Have you got the letter? he continued. I showed the letterto his servant and walked in. A Small wornan stopped me. She looked more French than Englis to me. ‘Do you a 32 servant and walked in. A small woman stopped me.

She looked more French than Englis to me. ‘Do you already know my husband? she asked. ‘No, I don’t,’ answered. ‘Well, then must apologise for him . He’s a perfectly impossible person. Do not argue with him. He can be dangerous. Do you want to talk about South America? ‘ Yes, madam,’ I answered, because I could not lie to a lady. ‘Oh, that’s a very dangerous subject! Just say thatyou agree with him. Call me ifhe seems dangerous. can usually control him. ‘ The semant then led me into Professor Challengers study. I was surprised when saw him. He had a very large head and a big black beard.

His and arms were enormous. ‘Well? ‘ He said. ‘l am the student who wanted to askyou sorne questions about Weismann and Darwin,’ said. ‘Perhaps, Your opinion of Weismann was too critical,’ continued. ‘And recent experiments show that maybe he’s right. ‘ ‘Well,’ he said seriously, ‘you know that the cranial index is a onstant factor? ‘ ‘Naturally,’ I answered, but I did not understand anything. ‘And that germ plasm is different from the parthenogenetic egg? ‘ ‘Oh yes,’ I cried and was surprised at my courage. ‘But What does this show? he concluded. don’t know. What does this show? It shows,’ he said in a loud voice, ‘that you’re one of those horrible journalists and thatyou’re not a Young scientist! I talked nonsense to you: my words had no 4 32 journalists and that you’re not a Young scientist! I talked nonsense to you: my words had no real neanlng! ‘ He stood up, and I was surprised because he was extremely short. He began to walk in my directlon. You mustn’t attack me,’ I said. ‘But I will,’ he answered. He attacked me and in a second we went quickly out of the front door into the street. Fortunately, just then a policeman arrived and said, ‘What’s happening? ‘This man attacked me,’ I said. Do you want me to arrest him? he asked. ‘No,’ replied, ‘l was wrong tao. ‘ The pollceman walked away. The Professor looked at me and smiled a little. ‘Come in,’ he said, ‘l want to tell you something more. We entered his house again. Mrs Challenger was extremely angry. ‘You’re terrible! You’re not a famous professor at a great university because you always attack people! she shouted. The Professor grabbed his wife and put her on top of a pillar. ‘Put me down! ‘ she shouted. ‘Say pleade,’ he answered. ‘No, put me down, now! ‘ she continued. ‘No, say please,’ he said again_ Please! Please! Please! ‘ she shouted.

Then the Professor took her down and gave her a big kiss. After this the Professor and returned to his study. ‘l’m going to talk to you about South America, he said. Two years ago went on a journey to South America. I went to the Amazon to check some observations of the scientists Wallace and Bates. During my stay In the Ama s 2 Amazon to check some observations of the scientists Wallace nd Bates. During my stay In the Amazon became a friend of the Indians. They told me that there was a sick man that needed help. But befare I arrived the man died. was surpnsed, however, when I saw him. He was a White man, not an Indian.

His name was Maple White and he was from the United States. He was an artist. Here are some of his pictures. I looked at them. Some were of the Indians, and others were of different animals like turtles and alligator. Well, I said, these don’t seem very unusual. Look at the next one, he said. It was a picture of a Cliff with a thin, high tower of rock in front of I don’t know anything about racks, I said. Well, try the next picture then, he said. The next one was of a man next to a huge and very strange lizard. Why did he draw this? The Professor asked. I don’t know. Perhaps he drank too much gin, I answered.

Or perhaps he really saw this creature, he said. I wanted to laugh, but didn’t want to fight with him again. Anyvuay, he continued, the Indians took me to the cllffs in Maple White’s drawings, took some photographs. Most of them got Wet during my journey home. Here is one that you can Still see. Look! I looked carefully at the photograph. It was not in very good condition. What do you see? He asked. I see the same cliffs and the rock tower of the drawing, answered. Yes, of course. Bu 6 2 He asked. Yes, of course. But What do you see on the top of the rock tower? I can See a tree. And on top of the tree?

A large bird. It’s not a bird at all, he concluded, and I shot it. He then pulled a Wing out of a drawer. Is that the Wing of a gigantic bat? I asked. No, he answered, it’s the Wing of a pterodactyl. Look at this book. He then showed me an illustration in a book that compared the wlngs ofvirds, bats and pterodaco,’ls. This is incredible! I cried because now I really believed him. How is it possible? It seems that a volcanic action pushed up a huge area of rock millions of years ago. This area was protected and so the animals theyre Still there today. Why don’t you tell other scientists about your discoveries?

I told them about them but they laughed, he said. Tonight there’s going to be a lecture at the Zoological Institute Hall on The Record of the Ages by Mr Waldron. 1’11 be there. Come and you’ll See the reaction of other scientists to my discoveries. I promised to come, and left Professor Challenger. CHAPTER THREE Question! That evening I arrived at the Zoological Institute Hall. Outside here was a large crowd of people. Inside there were professors and also a large group of students. They were happy and noisy. Mr Waldron, some scientists and Professor Challenger sat at the front.

Mr Waldron began h noisy. Mr Waldron, some scientists and Professor Challenger sat at the front. Mr Waldron began his lecture. He told us about the origin of our planet. He told us about the evolution oflife from simple sea animals to fish and reptiles and finally to mammals. Then he began to talk about the dinosaurs. Fortunately, those terrible reptiles were extinct long before humans appeared on this planet. Question! Someone said in a loud voice. Mr Waldron stopped for a moment, but then he continued, Those terrible reptiles which were extinct before the coming of man.

Question! Shouted someone again. Mr Waldron looked with great surprise at the scientists near him. He then saw Professor Challenger with a smile on his face. Ah, I understand, said Mr Waldron. It’s my friend Professor Challenger, and then he continued his lecture. But it did not end here. Every time Mr Waldron talked about extinct prehistoric life, Professor Challenger interrupted him. Then the students began to shout, Question! With the Professor. These interruptions must end! Shouted Mr Waldron angrily. For a moment there was silence in the hall.

Then Challenger stood I must ask you, Mr Waldron, he said, to stop saying things that are not scientifically true. Some people began to shout, Send him home! , and others, I want to hear him! Professor Challenger sat down again and smiled. Mr Waldron finished his lecture quickly. Finally, Profess Challenger sat down again and smiled. Mr Waldron finished his lecture quickly. Finally, Professor Challenger had his chance to speak. Ladies and gentlemen, he began, Mr Waldron is not a real scientist. He only explains Our work to the general public. He is rong when he says that certain animals are extinct.

Nobody here believes me, but am a prophet of science. I am like Galileo and Darwin, and . (here there was a long interruption). The Professor walked forward and raised both hand. Everybody became silent. I won’t say anymore. You can, however, test my ideas. Do you want to send somebody as your representative? Then, the famous scientist professor Summerlee stood up. Are you referring to the discoveries that you made in the Amazon two years ago? Asked Professor Summerlee. Yes, I am, replied Challenger. And why didn’t Wallace, gates and other famous explorers ofthat egion see these things? Continued summerlee.

Perhaps, sir, you have confused the Thames with the Amazon. The Amazon is a much larger river, answered Challenger. Its about 6. 000 kilometres long. It’s not strange that saw things that they did not see. Yes, of course, continued Summerlee, understand the difference: we can’t test or prove your discoveries. Perhaps you can tell us the exact location now. Will you go on an expedition to test my discoveries? Yes, I will, answered Summerlee, and the crowd cheered. Then, said Profes to test my discoveries? Then, said Professor Challenger, you’ll have all the information you need to go there. But you cant go alone.

Who Will go with Professor Summerlee to the Amazon? This was a dificult moment for me, but thought about Gladys. I Will go! cried. Name! Name! shouted the audience. My name is Edward Dunn Malone. I’m ajournalist for the Daily Gazette, I answered. In front of me, there was another man standing. What’s your name, sir? asked Challenger. l’m Lord John Roxton, he answered. IVe already been up the Amazon. know the area well. Lord John Roxton is a famous hunter and traveler. He and Mr Malone Will be perfect for this mission, Said Professor Challenger. The meeting was overa walked out ofthe hall into the night.

I was walking down the street when somebody touched my arm. It was Lord Roxton. Mr Malone, he said, we’ll be companions on this adventure. My house is near here. Come with me, I want to talk to you. We went to Lord Roxton’s house. It was full of strange objects from around the World and the heads of wild animals. He gave me something to drink and a cigar to smoke. We sat down in comfortable armchairs and began to talk. Welli he said, we did it, Young mam I certainly didn’t plan to go on this expedition. What about you? No, not at all. Can you shoot? He asked. Quite well, answered. Then h