The little prince

The little prince gy alcteburc 1 110R5pA 16, 2011 4 pagcs *The Little prince The beginning of the story is when a kid was Six years Old and he saw a picture in a book about the primeval foresta It was a picture of a boa eating an animal. Then he drew his first drawing it was like a hat but the drawing was a boa eating an elephant. He showing his drawng to the grown-ups and all of them Said that he should leave the drawing and it is better to take interest in geography and history and grammar. And he decided to fly planes.

In all of his life he has always been in contact with serious eople and has improved his opinion of them. He lived like this for a long time and when he breakdown in Sahara desert he made a difficult repair because he only had water for eight days. The first day he was slept on the sand. In the morning someone told him that he Will draw a lamb. When he otu he saw a little boy his look like it was lik child drew the Pictur how to do. The princ his town. He prefera ora b Swipe to View next page ith him.

Then the nique that he knew so dangerous for Child drew a lamb but the drawing it is like to was sick and the hild drew others lambs. In the end the child drew a cardboard box. The child was so confused but he guessed that he was the little pnnce. Each other were talking for a long time. The child known other thing that the prince ‘s planet it is more bigger than a house. How the child known geography he believed that the planet where the prince came was the asteroid 8612. This asteroid has been seen only once with the telescope in 1909 by a Turkish astronomer. e author of this story said that he had wanted start something like this «It was once a prince who lived n a planet not more bigger than him and had need a friend» For those who understand life, it would have seemed more real. The pnnce and the child were talking more about the lamb. In the prince’s planet was a terrible seed like a seeds of the baobab. The soil of the planet is infested with them. If a baobab don ‘t pulled in the outside in the time, there is no way to get rid of it later, and if the planet is so small and the baobabs are numerous, the planet Will go to exploit.

Also they are talking about the thorns that are only badness of th planet Will go to exploit. Also they are talking about the thorns that are only badness of the flowers. The child desperate with the prince started to answer so bad. After the child didn «t know how to return the confidence with the prince, he felt goofy. The prince and the child were living most adventures each other. In the morning, when the prince had gone he put in arder the planet. Both visited many asteroids. The first planet was habited for a King. The King named ambassador to the Prince. The second planet was habited for a daffodil.

The third planet was habited for a drinker. The fourth planet was occupied by a businessman. The fifth planet was very strange. He was the youngest of all, it barely fit in it a lantern and the lamplighter who inhabited it. The sixth planet was ten tmes larger. It was inhabited by an Old man who wrote great books. That planet was so beautiful. The seventh planet was the Earth. In the Earth count one hundred eleven kings (not Forgetting Naturally ‘s black kings), seven thousand geographers, Nine Hundred Thousand businessmen, seven and half million of drunks , three hundred eleven million of daffodils,

About two billion older peo 3Lvf4 and half million of drunks , three hundred eleven million of daffodils, About two billion older people. They found a fox in the desert and they became friends, also found a merchant. Was the eighth day and both were thirsty and they went to look for a well it was night. The prince blushed and again, without understanding why, I felt a strange sadness. The child gone to other place and he return to the well and he saw the prince on the well. Then a snake appeared and both was so scared. The child react and said hat all of this was false.

But the Prince said all the people have stars that are not the same. For travelers, the stars are guides, for others are only tiny lights. For the wise stars are problems. To my man business, were gold. But all these stars are silent. You’ll have stars like nobody has the same stars. You Will be glad met. You Will be my friend and you want to laugh. Sometimes open Your window only for pleasure and your friends Will be amazed to see you laugh at the sky. You explained: «The stars make me always laughing. ‘They Will believe you crazY’. END