Siwarex gy cnouarccio 110R6pR 17, 2011 7 pagos SIWARÉX IJ Weighing Module for Level Measurement Calibrating SIWAREX U With SIWATOOL U Quick Guide For modules with order number 7MH4950-1AA01 and 7MH4950-2AAOl (aisa valid for 7MH4601-1AA01 and 7MH4601-1BA01) Contents 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Hardware Requirements …. 3 Siwarex IJ connections … 6 Establish the communication to the Siwarex LI module … 8 Adjustment with an adjustment weight…. 9 4. 1 set the SIWATO or7 parameters Sv. ipe to View 9 4. 2 Adjustment procedure 12 Adjustment witho (theoretical adjustment) 14 Create a Siwatool backup … 8 OSiemens AG SIWAREX U_Quick Guide_V4. O. doc, 01/2011 Introduction SIWARÉX IJ is a compact weighing module for measuring the level of silos and bunkers, monitoring crane loads, load measurement on conveyor belts etc Purpose of this document for functional safety This programming manual contains important information that parameterize and commission it, as well as at service and maintenance engineers. Notes on warranty The contents of this programming manual shall not become part of or modify any prior or existing agreement, commitment or legal relationship.

All obligations on the part of Siemens AG are ontained in the respective sales contract, which also contains the complete and solely applicable warranty conditions. Any statements on the device versions described in the programming manual do not create new warranties or modify the existing warranty. The content reflects the technical status at the time of prlnting. We reserve the right to make technlcal changes in the course of further development. Validation of this document This documentation is only valid in conjunction with the manual SIWAREX U. his manual is available on the Siemens homepage. http://support. utomation. siemens. om/WW/view/en/28392477 OSiemens AG Guide_V4. O. doc, 0112011 2 Hardware Requirements Following hardware parts and software are requested to integrate a scale in SIMATIC. 24V Power supply, S7-300 CPU or ET200M Station, memory card for CPU, SIWAREX U, front connector for SIWAREX U, SIWATOOL U software, RS232 cable, computer With Windows XP or higher and a calibration weight higher than 5% of the sum of the nominal value of all load cells. 24V Power Supplv nominal value of all load cells) Scale osemens AG Guide V4. O. d0C, 01/2011 4 System Configuration Load cells OSiemens AG Guide_V4. o. oc, 01 ,1201 1 . Siwarex U connections 24V Power supply RS232 interface for Siwatool Connection terminal of the sensor Channel 2 Connection terminal of the sensor Channel 1 osemens AG Guide V4. o. doc, 01/2011 6 Connection of load cells channel 1 Terminal 15 16 17 18 19 20 Signal Name SENSEI+ SENSEISIGI+ SIGI EXCI+ EXCIComment Sensor line + Sensor line – Measurement line + Measurement line — Load cell supply + Load cell supply communication is established check the following parameter- settings: Adjustment weight: Enter the value of the adjustment weight The adjustment weight is an integer-value (up to 32767).

For xample: a) For a 20 kg scale you may use a resolution of 1 g: – the parameter «Adjustment weight» is set into gram (e. g. «20000»). – the parameter «Decimal place for the remote displaf’ is set to «No decimal point (XXXXX)». – the parameter «Weight unit» is set to » g’. b) For a 40 kg scale you may use a resolution of 10 g: – the parameter «Adjustment weght» is set into gram XIO (e. g. «4000»). – the parameter «Decimal place for the remote display/’ is set to «2 decmal points (XXX. XX)». – the parameter ‘ ‘Weight unit» is set to » @Siemens AG Guide_V4. O. oc, 01 /2011 g The decimal point is not part of the integer-value and is only used or the Siwatool-display (and a remote display, if available). That means the decimal point have to determine, so that the displayed weight value (weight value = integer-value) Will not increase the value of 32767. Characteristic value: Characteristic value of the load cell. The specification of the characteristlc value can be read into the techincal data sheet of the load cella Limit frequence: If this parameter is set to 5 Hz, the scale Will respond quickly to a weight change; if it is set to 0. 5 Hz, the scale Will «move slowlf’. Step response of the limit frequence of2 Hz: Critical damping Average value filter: The average value filter ensures a stable weight value and prevents interference. The weight is measured according to the average value of n weight values. 32 weight values Will be used for calculating the average value. The earlle weight values. 32 weight values Will be used for calculating the average value. The earliest value is discarded every 20 milliseconds and the latest value Will be added for the calculation. 0 After setting the parameters, click Send to send the changed parameters to the Siwarex LI module: Use the same procedure to parameterize the second channel With DR4. @Siemens AG Guide_V4. O. doc, 01 /2011 11 4. 2 Adjustment procedure Ensure that the scale is empty (not loaded) and execute the command Channel 1: Adjustment zero valid (1). The Siwarex U module shows now the weight value O kg 12 Afterwards, place the adjustment weight on the scale and execute the command Channel 1 : Adjustment weight valid (2).

With executing of this command, the adjustment line is detected of the scale. The Siwarex U module shows now the adjustment weight. handled with the help of the SIWATOOL U software. First, the «Characteristic value» (e. g. «2 mV/V) must be defined in the DR3, index card: «Scale parameters»: 4 Then, switch to the «Theoret. Adjustment» index card. To execute the theoretical adjustment, the rated load for all load cells is defined first, e. g. 3 load cells with 1,000 kg each result in a rated load of 3,000 kg. (See also Step «1. in the picture below) The «Zero offset in uV/V» (unit = pWV), and the «Characteristlc value» (unit = rnVN) is then entered for each individual load cell. (See also Step and in the picture below) These values are taken from the respective load cell measuring log. If the measuring logs aren’t available, the default-values can be used, e. g. «Zero offset in uV/vm O» and «Characteristic value» 1. 2. 15 After entering the data for each load cell, the adjustment digits are calculated and the result is displayed by actuating the button «Calculate adjustment digits».

Then, the calculated adjustment digits can be integrated into the DR3 by actuating the button «Accept calculation»: the scale by using a check weight. Whether the shown weight value is diferent from the check weightyou can adjust both numbers by manual parameter input in the field «Adjustment digits 1». Following DR3 must be forwarded to the SIWAREX CJ module by double click «Send». Manual parameter input Double click sjemens AG GUide_V4. o. doc, 01 ,1201 1 17 6.

Create a Siwatool backup file Eventually you may save all parameter settings of the Siwarex Cl module into a file Receive all data from the Siwarex U module to the Siwatool software: During the transmission from the Siwarex U module to the PC, the following messagewindow appears: the data as a Siwatool U File: 18 If you have any issues or suggestions regarding the related products or documents, please feel free to contact: Technical support for SIWAREX: Siemens AG Industry Automation (IA) Sensors and Communicati strumentation D-76181 Karlsruhe Germany Tel: +4 11 Fax: 721 595