Haunted house

Everyday after school I would walk or run to the park to play with my friends. love the park the park so much because there are so many things that you could do there. It had swings, slides, two trampolines, and some bars. There was a something I didn’t like at all. Something that I keep dreaming about and that would be the Haunted House! Relieve me it’s horrible when you look at it. You would just want to run and go home. You just can’t sleep at night from all the bad dreams you would dream about the haunted house. It’s just a bad nightmare.

The haunted house there only bats, spid there was even a gra backyard. always w ora and _ he rk. Nobody lived ev y come at night use instead of a nice eone lived there. l’m only 9 so I really don’t know. My parents never take me to the park so they don’t know about the house. Every time you look at it you would feel a creepy ghost running down your skin, and hear a creepy sound that stays in Your head. You would just want to scream of all the fright you have. I can’t sle SWipe page sleep at night from all the bad dreams get from the haunted ouse everyday, it feel so bad you just want to sleep With your parents.

I woke up one morning and I went to the park so I could play with me dog angel, she started barking when I was in front of the haunted house, I look and saw that a man was walking in the haunted house, thought maybe he live there, I wasn’t sure but when the man come out again, ask if he live there, he look mad at me and run away, didn’t have a clue of what was going on but I had to figure out or would have another bad dream tonight, I went to the front of the door and open it.

I look inside and close the door again, I saw signs on the walls, that said Halloween, don’t come in, beware, and you are next. I saw one of my friends at the park and run to her, her name is Cloe, I told her what did, and she told me that the guy I saw was her Dad, he was checking ifit was safe to go inside. After some days, I woke up in the morning and saw from my window that the guy left a sign on it; it said you are next by Alex Jhones, Cloe’s dad, which was even scarier than the haunted house, a big nightmare. The end