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Estudio b2b servicios gyjuanmcxgriego 1 110R5pR 16, 2011 13 pagcs Manchester Business School I Business to Business Marketing Analysis of Customer / Supplier relationsProf. Peter Naude 72756891 0/12/20101 Contents 1. Introduction 2 a) Processos PROSS 2 b) Product attributes 2 c) Procesos PROSS portfolio of customers 3 2. Relationship with a customer (Identification)4 a) Transactional Vs. Collaborational relationships 4 b) Customer and market trends 5 c) The Position of Procesos PROSS 5 d) The position of PACE 1 OF13 3.

Evaluation of th to View a) The Exchange p ess b) The business rel ) Managing unce 4. Recommendations 10 5. Bibliography 1 1. Introduction a) processos PROSS s – PROSS 6 Processos PROSS is an outsourcing company founded in Mexico Cio,’ in 2004 that provides the service of record keeping for individuals’ movements in fund accounts. It is an independent entity in between a corporate company and fund managers; the semice aids the accountability of individual accounts within saving funds, contribution funds, pension plans, and benefit plans.

Processos PROSS developed an information system in house that can be customised to the requirements of distinct funds. The PROSS record keeping service IS hired by companles or fund the fund can Vary from tens to hundred thousands employees, the complexity is then driven by the type of plan, and the length of it. The flexibility of the system further more enables accountability to be tailored to different individuals depending on their rights over the fund and permits them to monitor real time their account balance as well as to make personal operations.

The main competitors of Procesos PROSS are within company HR departments and Asset Management firms. For simple funds the individual accountability can be handled with a spreadsheet n which data is fed as movements are done in the fund and then the sum of the weighted contributions of participants is matched with the value of the fund. As the number of individuals and the complexity of the fund increase the accountabiliõy becomes more challenging and prone to mistakes.

Asset managers have IT systems that can do individual accounting however, it requires labour to feed the data and adaptation of the system to implement new types of plans. The PROSS System is a flexible platform that has evolved with the requirements of different clients and is able to handle a virtually unlimited number of ndividuals in the most complex plans available. The cost of service is rarely monetised when done by the HR department, and asset managers provide the service for «free» though it has a cost.

PROSS charges a flat rate to set up the fund and then a monthly fee for each individual account. b) Product attributes The attributes of the product help decision makers choose among different products 2 3 Product attributes The attributes of the product help decision makers choose among different products. In this case the following attributes are recognised. Core attributes need to be fulfilled for HR departments and sset managers to service individuals and for them to know their account balance.

Most companies that handle their individual accounts have failures because the reliability of their spreadsheets can be doubted. Serious problems can occur to the point that some individuals may not receive their ful payback generating mistrust and problems within the firm. Security of information also has to be guaranteed as information cannot be lost. Tangible attributes: The PROSS system was developed in house and through out the years programmed to most known types of funds. If needed new add-ins can be developed on a short otice and capacity increased by adding servers.

Confidentiality of salaries and wealth of individuals are best undisclosed and for so names are assigned numbers in the system. Augmented attributes: Include the opportunity for individuals to access their accounts anytime through the Internet without going through an HR department. On the other hand the Procesos PROSS system can be plugged into the system ofthe asset manager and personalised with the logos, enhancing the image of the asset manager. The direct customers of PROSS are either asset managers or companies who manage their own employee funds. Procesos PROSS portfolio of customers The importance of a customer can be plotted in function of the number o 3 portfolio of customers The importance of a customer can be plotted in function ofthe number of customers as illustrated here below. In zone 1 are a large number of customers, but with Iow relative importance. This zone is mostly representative of companies outsourcing the record keeping service as a mean to individualise the accounts of their employees when they are the managers of their fund.

Their Importance is Iow because in general they have a small number of individuals in the account meaning that they ontribute relatively little to the overall sales of procesos PROSS. These customers are often one off exchanges, the relationship lasts for a year when they realise asset managers can make more profit for the fund. Also, they don’t provide too much added value since they usually have a small amount of individuals to account. In zone 2 are fewer clients but with more importance to PROSS because they hold a larger amount of individuals in their funds.

These customers are generally asset managers; they often have several funds outsourced to PROSS and generally are large in terms of number of customers. The complexity of the type of funds asset managers Offer their clients is also a challenge as they compete among them to give the most attractive packages to their customers. A true relationship can be developed between asset managers and PROSS as both can concentrate on their core competencies, the first deliberates on acquiring more funds while offering tailored plans and the other focuses on setting up and guaranteeing the 40F 13 guaranteeing the information of the individualised accounts.

The relationship between an asset manager and PROSS is interesting to analyse as It can enhance both their services and profitability. Relationship with a customer (Identification) a) Transactional Vs. Collaborational relationships The relationship between PROSS and an asset manager can be analysed in terms of transaction and relationship marketing. (BB Jackson, ABR) It is important to understand that the cost of change for an asset manager is Hi. First he mght need to fire employees doing the current record keeping, then he must build trust in PROSS as sensitive information and their reputation goes through the systems.

Once he is hooked on to the system of PROSS he is looking at a long term horizon, because having o migrate all the data back into their systems would require a lot of time and development oftheir systems. The outlay of PROSS into this relationship has therefore to be accordingly and seen as an investment. Further more the ease of sharing is Lo, this is because the asset manager is opening hlS portf0110 of clients and probably his managing tactics and strategies, sensitive information that could be used against them or even sold to a competitor client of PROSS.

However as a relationship is developed and managed the trust and collaboration can be enhanced. The relationship with an asset manager should lead to Lo frequency of purchase relative to the amount of individual accounts individualised; once goo s 3 to a Lo frequency of purchase relative to the amount of individual accounts individualised; once goodwill and trust exist little administration should suffice to pay for the services of PROSS. ) Customer and market trends Asset managers are financial entities that manage large amounts of money, they need to provide the best returns on funds so as to be the best in their industry and be able to raise more funds beyond. They therefore look to reduce operation costs to focus on their core business – investing the funds. PROSS should supply them because they represent profitable customers, constant work and high volume. Trends in customers suggest that more competition exists as new entrants trade in the industry, hence requiring further reducing costs.

Customers are also more informed as new ways of investing funds and understanding of customers arises. For so, they become more sophisticated and require more specialised competencies, making them rely more on outsourcing or on the development of their systems. On the other hand customers expect more service as the competition among suppliers ncreases, implying that they are also less loyal to suppliers if the relationship is not maintained, nourished and the product continuously improved. ) The position of procesos PROSS The probability of sale is a function of the competition, the customers and the product. Customers and competitors are uncontrollable by PROSS. The competition is driven by the internal operators in the asset management firms. Their capabilities are determined by the insti 6 3 internal operators in the asset management firms. Their capabilities are determined by the institution strategy and in this ase customers and competitors are the same entity. rocesos PROSS can control certain factors towards the probability of sale. he Price it sells it service for can be adjusted and should be set according to the benefits it provides the customer. PROSS can also engage at a business to business level to promote its services indirectly through influencers and presence to engage future customers. All the people in PROSS are to personally sell the product through the contact they have with the asset managers, notably the right person in the customer organisation. The relationship requires management. The Position ofthe asset manager The asset manager evaluates the service of PROSS in function of the attributes of the product and the importance he gives to each one ofthem. He Will only purchase the senu’ice if what the product does Will enhance the service he provides. Important is to realise asset managers are different and have diverse preferences. Now let’s look at a relationship in detail. The PROSS – MasFondos relatlonship. Evaluation of the Relationship MasFondos – PROSS The relationship between MasFondos and PROSS is a mature relationship that has evolved since the early 00’s, when both ompanies were founded.

MasFondos is a valuable client and provides around 50% of PROSS’s income and accounts for about 70% of the individual accounts kept in the system. The Exchange Process Like with most asset managers, the individual accounts kept in the system. Like with most asset managers, the relationship between PROSS and MasFondos started with a deep analysis of MasFondo’s processes to understand their values and develop ongoing solutions that enable the customer to make the most out of the PROSS system.

A simple fund was initially used to evaluate the operability and eliability of the PROSS system and technical feasibilty. As time went by MasFondos grew and gained larger more complex funds, record keeping became more challenging and difficult to handle but PROSS with the original fund had proved reliable and gained further contracts. The system gained robustness as more add-ins where programmed. Together PROSS and MasFondos developed the system to satisfy the needs of the asset manager and today PROSS handles over 800,000 individual accounts including the largest accounts of MasFondos.

The communication in the relationship was key to the success of both companies. ) The business relationship The complexo,’ of the relationship can be studied along three aspects, activity links, resource ties and actor bonds. The three aspects evolve during the development of the relationship. Actor Bonds: The first relationship between actors started with the contact of CEO’s, who new each Ether from the financial sector. Considerable distance existed as there was no guarantee that technologically and operatively both companies would fit.

However they decided to give it a try. Then there were meetings between the managers of PROSS and MasF 13 decided to give it a try. Then there were meetings between the anagers of PROSS and MasFondos and operators to decide which fund could be used for try outs and then negotiated a Price. Since, close relationship between operators exists as they are in touch on a daily basis. As part of integrating the PROSS platform in the webpage of MasFondos intervened a PROSS system programmer and the MasFondos system engineer.

During the entire process ofthe relationship there is a complex sales process in which all actors chip in. Activity Links: Initially MasFondos defines the type of fund and provides the information to set up the system, in return PROSS sets it up on the system. If the fund requires further development of the system, PROSS does it and tries it out before it goes live. Once set, MasFondos provides the daily movements information on an agreed electronic format, PROSS processes it and displays the results on the internet.

The activity performed by PROSS has derived from the value MasFondos perceives from PROSS as it gives It full responsibility of the process and the display. Resource Ties: The start of the relationship saw a sharing of operating practices as companies’ joint efforts to learn about each other. The most important resource shared today is the front end of PROSS hich is displayed on the webpage of MasFondos. This required collaboratlon between both companies engineers to set it up. In this portal MasFondo’s customers can log into their account believing they are on the MasFondos webpage but they are on PROSS.

ThiS resou into their account believing they are on the MasFondos webpage but they are on PROSS. This resource now ties both companies as the movements of individuals are consulted by MasFondos operators and channelled through to PROSS. Furthermore, it occurs that MasFondos invites a representative of PROSS to demonstrate to his customer how an individual can access an ccount. PROSS aids MasFondos in selling activities. All three aspects are present and demonstrate solidity of the relationship, however as the relationship evolves they ought to be managed. ) Managing uncertainties and abilities Relationships can be used to influence either suppliers or customers to make business decisions. The influence is founded on the respective abilities of a company to solve problems and uncertainties ofthe other company. Source: Ford et al. (1998) PROSS uncertainties and MasFondos influence tactics Capacity uncertainty, the operabillty at PROSS is relatively easy, he volume is high, the variety is medium the variability is Iow and the visibility is null_ The number of employees can be rapidly grown if required.

The system it self runs on a dedicated server that can be scalable as the volume of information requires it. Application uncertainty, the PROSS system itself has many applications as for saving funds, pension plans, benefit plans, loan administration etc… PROSS determines What to develop on its system depending on the requirement of the client. Transactlon uncertainty is high when PROSS needs to develop and program its system before the fund is ru