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English presentation gy rubenmanzo no•R6pR 17, 2011 2 pagos English presentation. Team: [A group oftourists was at Paris, France. They were looking at the Eiffel Tower when they suddenly dlscover that the tour guide was lost, and then they start trying to figure out how to get back to their hotels, but the trouble begins were they found out that they have very different accents] English women: Where is the tour guide dear?

I think we have missed him. They must be on the tour bus right now. English guy: Excuse me sir. Could ou hel me out, I am trying to ind the way back to Italian Guy: Of cours English guy: oh, we a ora to View nut*ge «signare»? de Montparnasse» do you know how to get there? Italian guy: OH l’m sorry «signore», I don’t have a clue of were it is. If yau don’t have any address can’t help you out.

English woman: Oh thanks anyway S SWipe page [Then another guy came in and salutes them] Indian Guy: Oh, you seem like having troubles. Can I help you? If you need to find a place, I got Google maps on mi cell phone. English guy: Oh thanks a lot sir Tour guide: (speaking with French accent) Oh no, we don’t need ny cell phones, we are in Paris, the capital oflove, let there be ‘ove American guy: What’s the problem with you man? we don’t need any love, were so lost prefer to be at home and watch sorne sports like football , I am telling you l’m going to kill you man if I don’t get right away to the hotel Arabian guy: Shut up, or I use my bombs to destroy you American Italian guy: I want some pizza (There’s a lot of trouble with all the tourists, they don’t understand each Other) Mexican guy: Hey wait up people; we don’t need violence to speak, about Our necessities