El internet

El internet gy mcssimcjia ACKa6pR 03, 2010 | 2 pagos THE INTERNET The origins of Internet are to look for them in a project of the Department of American Defense that sought to obtain a sure net of communications that can stay although fails some of their nodes. HARP, a net computer science that connected computers located in dispersed places and that operated on different operating systems, in such a way that each computer it could connect to all the other ones. The protocols that allowed such an interconnection were developed in 1 973 by the American computer specialist Vinton

Cerf and the American engineer Robert Kahn, and they are the well-known Protocol of Internet (IP) and Protocol of Control of Transmission (TCP). Back of the strictly military environment, this incipient Internet (called Ar anet it hada reat development Swp to page in United States, con investigation centers. ora th eri kn the rest ofthe world, rming spiders web (World At the end of 1989, t universities and es of Europe and of as the great world net stopped to exist. ialist Timothy Berners-Lee develops the World Wide Web for the European Organization for the Nuclear Investigation, good known as C CERN.

Their objective was to create a net that allows the exchange of information among the investigators that participated in projects linked to this organization. The objective was achieved using files that contained the information in form of texts, graphics, sound and videos, besides the bonds with other files. This hypertext system was that propitiated the extraordinary development of Internet like half through which great quantity of information circulates for the one that you can navigate using the hipervínculos. Besides the academic and institutional use that had in their origins, today Internet is used with commercial ends.

The different companies not only use it as Window in which are given to know themselves and their products, but rather, through Internet, they are carried out multiple commercial operations. Especially the banking has in the net one of its strategic points of performance for the next future. In this moment it is developing that is known as Internet2, a redefinition of Internet that has, like a main objective to achieve the exchange of data multimedia in real time. The advance must come from the hand of the improvement in the communication lines, with the band Wide like maln ally.