Ecosistemas gy bajabcar AQKa5pR 03, 2010 2 pagcs SCIENCE •PHOTOCOPIABLE• CAN BE DOWNLOADED FROM WEBSITE Ecosystems Biomes: Rainforests Francesca Costa Types of rainforest Reading, vocabulary Student A There are two types ofrainforest on 1 . There are temperate and tropical rainfores equator and tempera zones around the wo situated in (3) and a t tropical rainforests c ora rei _ Ove re located along the in the temperate Ical rainforests are nd in Brazil. Other (5) and in (6) .

The biggest of all the temperate rainforests are situated in North America on the Pacific Coast and smaller anes can be found in (7) , Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Norway and the United Kingdom. Student B There are two types of rainforest on Our planet. There are (8) rainforests. Tropical rainforests are located along the (9) and temperate rainforests are found in the temperate zones around the world. Over 50% of all tropical rainforests are situated in South America and a third ofthose can be found in (10) .

Other tropical rainforests can be found in South East Asia, some Pacific Islands and in West Africa. The biggest of all the temperate rainforests are situated in (11) on the (12) and smaller ones can can be found in Chile, (13) (14) , Japan and (15) and (16) . This page has been downloaded from www. onestopclil. com. Written by Francesca Costa. O Copyright Macmillan Publishers Ltd 2008. Aim To complete a text on types of rainforest Class type pars Language focus Geographical places; question forms Skills focus

Reading, speaking Preparation Photocopy one worksheet for each pair of students and cut it in halt Time 5—10 minutes Procedure Ask students to read the paragraph about rainforests they have been given. hey should ask their partners questions so they can fill in the gaps in their text. Go through first question with class as an example: Q What kinds of rainforests are there? Elicit answer: temperate and tropical Answer Key 1 Our planet 3 South America 4 South East ASia 5 Pacific Islands 6 West Africa