Criminologia gy darksoIdierOO HO-•R6pR 15, 2011 8 pagos Jose Garcia December 8, 2010 Courage What is courage? Courage is mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear or difficulty There are many several different types and several different ways to express courage, , courage is shown through moral and physical manifestations. Moral courage is something that happens within us, when one takes the initiative to try to succeed when no one else will. Physical courage is an action that one can see and experience for themselves inside and out.

In someone’s lifetime t one point or another some type of courage Will affect him or her in some way. It may be a positive or negative experience. To Aristotle, he viewed virtue as the habit af the soul. It was the mean between two v nd one of excess and org this mean was define hr istotle, virtue was Sv. ipeto the sign that meant t man ul at happiness, which was the ultimate goal Aristotleis View of br ique look at a characteristic in mankind. Each being has its own interpretation of how to be brave and how to overcome the mortal fears.

There is no defense for fears that have no real threat or act of bravery to overcome. So the first point of understanding Aristotle Swpeto page Aristotlels stance in the matters is to know that there is a wrong definition for beng brave, meaning that there is no true act of bravery for the mortal man to overcome, and a right definition for being brave, where it is a logical fear that is understood and overcome by the individual. The brave man, to Aristotle, is a wise mari. For even in being brave and courageous one must Still have fears.

It is a part of human kind to understand and acknowledge this. It is almost in a way like a humble, though in some cases not so evidently humble, anner of recognizing your own mortality and imperfection in life. If one did not have fear or fears, then one could not overcome them and truly never achieve greater peace or self- accomplishment in llfe. And it is required to not only have the fear, but also to be able to recognize the fear. The individual must be able to know What it is that he fears befare he can overcome it.

Once the person can admit to their own being that they do fear like all humans and that they can identify what it is to fear, they can proceed in the steps to overcome their fear. Aristotle looks down on those who rush in to overcome their ourage and do not fully assess What it is that they should be brave against and for. It is not in their wisdom that they do such acts and therefore do not understand that they are truly being b that they do such acts and therefore do not understand that they are truly being brave.

On the other hand, though one may act almost fool-heartedly when put in a situation requiring bravery, it does not necessarily mean that the person has a vlce of excess in the virtue, which is What on even grounds Aristotle’s work seems to express. Aristotle Clearly expresses an act of intellectualism and reason eing a part of bravery. To what extent this goes is what splits his definition of the virtue into paths of interpretation. Man requires reason to exist as man. By looking at it in this way, courage would require mainly just being able to overcome the fear and a certain amount of analysis of it.

Lack of analysis would mean improper reason and recognition of reallty, while over analysis would inevitably bring in other elements and components other than the pure act of overcoming a fear and being brave. So we can gather this from the end analysis: the virtue of courage s an act of understanding man’s own mortal fears, both natural and logical, and the ability to keep the act of overcoming fear, of being courageous, between two vices of reason where one is the lack of judgment and intellect while the other is the excess of judgment and analyzing.

This leaves Aristotle’s View on courage in an unlikely path. Though he deeply expresses the power of reason, i 31_1f8 Aristotlels View on courage in an unlikely path. Though he deeply expresses the power of reason, it is thls same reason that creates a vice if used to much. In the end, Aristotle’s View on courage seems to leave one mportant fact; it is not by Our own choice that we have it. Not to say that man does not recognize his fear and overcome it, but in definition to say that we have the conscious power not to express the virtue rather than the conscious power to express it.

In other words, it is natural for man to achieve this virtue of courage, but to not achieve it is by his own actions and determinations. This is in a sense a contradiction to his teachings of choice and freedom of action. There is this instinctive essence to courage that Aristotle emphasizes. It comes from the very definition of man being a reasonable. Though man must make some efforts to be able to properly use the powers of reason, man is defined as the only creature to have reason and therefore it is a power within man that is interconnected and not an outside force to rely on.

The virtue of courage therefore requires the power to recognize that man possesses it and not the power to reach its goal. Sustaining the means between the vices of deficiency and excess in reason is the endeavor that mankind endures to reach a virtue. It is the function ofthe human being to reason. that mankind endures to reach a virtue. It is the function ofthe uman being to reason. To Aristotle, everything aims at some good. It is to reach the state of Happiness. And to do so, man needs the vlrtues to fully understand his place in the world.

The virtue of courage is no different. It is the way for one to overcome the difficulties and suffering of life. Without it, man would not be so vibrant in life. It is the virtues, this balance of the soul between deficiency and excess, from reason that allow man to be What it is. Ethics Aristotle: Book II page 21 Book IV page 60 We all face difficulties in Our lives like loosing some one you lave, etting something stolen or having the School bully on Your bad side- But What sets courageous people apart from cowards is fortitude.

Having the fill to go out there and face those difficulties and diffuse them with passion and strength. Having such qualities is a hard thing to find. Not a Iot of people can tell you straight up that they have those qualities because too many people are scared of their difficulties. For me, believe that l’ve very courageous. l’m extremely courageous let me tell you why. crossed the border with my family at the age of twelve. had to forget about my country, bout my life there and about my past. I know I had to be strong mentally and physically because I knew there and about my past. now had to be strong mentally and physically because knew it was not gong to be easy to cross the border. We walked and run twenty miles, there was no water and the weather was so humid and hot. My moral and determination was almost destroyed, the only motivation had was my Will to continue and never give up. We never got arrested and now I know that courage can push you beyond Your limits. One of the movies the I thought that a single character showed he most fortitude that I’ve ever seen has bin the mane character of grave Heart. That character shows courage when no one else wanted to.

When everyone else wanted to give up he was there the change their minds with his persuasive words. Even though expansively out numbered and a little Shy in artlllery he faugh for Scout lads freedom from English rule. Courage can be many things and people display courage in many ways, courage by overcoming his fears, courage by overcoming an addiction. Courage isn’t just a personal strength as it is, but it can also build an understanding, of things you don’t quite understand round you. Courage is considered to be a noble and right thing in almost every ones mind.

Whether or not someone obtains this can make a huge difference in the way people look on, talk about and even whether or not they WII try to befriend that person. Cou way people look on, talk about and even whether or not they Will try to befriend that person. Courage can be defined by characteristics; bravery and daring. Courage inspires a person to be tolerant, control his anger, endure the harms that he receives from others, to be forbearing and deliberate in his decisions. It motivates not to be or hasty. Courage inspires to have a sense of self-control, to emphasize high and noble moral and to make it apart of his natural believes.

It also encourages him to exert himself and to be generous, which is in essence, true courage and it leads to strong Will and self determination. It encourages him to distance himself from his ardent Iowly desires, to control his anger, and to be forbearing because by such, he can control his temper, take it by the reins and curb his violent and destructive behavior. It also encourages to have good behavior with people and to e moderate. It motivates him to be generous. Courage, is something that exists as blatantly as gravity and yet as elusively as religion.

It is both an instinct and a natural blessing, courage is only shown when a man or a woman who have, throughout life, become a product of their circumstances and as such present themselves in a manner that separates them from the others who have grown differently because of their circumstances, courage is when one person the others who have grown differently because of their circumstances, courage is when one person continues in the ace of total loss and Still keeps going throughout the ordeal to see it through for better or for worse, the circumstances that have produced them.

For example, a person who grows up in a shielded environment and who is provided for is grown that way through their own circumstances, and for this reason this person it would be safe to suggest it would perhaps be less inclined to perform a courageous act, to stay in the face of danger, in hope that what they have done uvill meet their cause.

On the other hand a person who has be groomed throughout life in a manner hat is not shielded, a life which constantly asks more of them, asks them to show courage, in rough areas it is a necessity, a compulsory skill that when faced with a decision, a dilemma between pain and suffering and safety, or even between life and death one would stand and do What is unexpected and courageous in the hopes of achieving their own cause to be safe.

And so it stands to reason that while everyone who is ever born Will be born with courage not as we know it but as an element to their existence, as an instinct, courage is something that exists in both good and bad people 81_1f8